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the writer
Nurfiqah zissakinah ismail
eldest among 6 siblings
just a simple gerl full of emotions
sensitive,yet full of cheerfulness
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muhammad asri bin othman
together since 14/12/09


sis qila RinA}CUZIN HyruL}CUZIN aFiF}cuzin nuRuL AnGeLinE AaNA CeliniE syasya ZAn maRiam keLLy sha

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016
♥ 2:23 PM

I dont know if u are reading this..if u do..
I just wana say.. i miss you!

Monday, September 26, 2016
♥ 10:18 AM

Ouh wooooooohoo..
I thought i forgot my password but after several attempts i manage to log in to my dear blog,my heart and my soul..

Its been like what,3 years!
Hahaha so where shalll i start?
Omg so many stuffs happened i dont even know where to begin.

So i got married..
Yadidyayadiya ..dating since dec 08 and married on dec 15.
Its gonna be a year now.

Sadly i've quit ttsh.. due to this ass.. but after much thinking i realised damn...i kindda regret.. but its okla as long as they pay me higher here than shud be okay.. but the workwise is way longer and i tend to get more tired and lethargic compared to wen i was in ttsh.

Managed to reconcile back with my best friend after we had some sort of misunderstanding..

So ya.. guess shit happens but its all up to individual wether we can fix it or just let it get worse.

Got the keys to my abode!
Super excited.

So guess i'll stop here.
Im actually blogging at work like what..
Having break so yea.

Till next time..

Monday, October 28, 2013
♥ 3:05 PM

helloo helooo just take a look at my previous entry,friggin 2012 eh! its been 1 year and a few mnths that i left this blog rusty and un-updated. hahahaha. so since my macbook its just beside me now so why not just log in to blogger(suprisingly i can still log in cos i thought ive forgotton the password lol) and just type a few sentence here.

sooo whats up? sooo many things that has been going on. i dont even know where to start. 1 year plus is a very long time and ya not to mention life events,happy sad moments.

i lost my grandfather a few mnths back due to pneumonia and it still upsets me cos he's a very very special person.that kindda affect me deep down badly.

now my grandma is diagnosed with stage 4 lymphoma cancer.it was just 5 mnths ago when she stayed over at my house,she looks so hyper and cheerful i even recorded that precious moment on my phone,now everything has changed,she became weak, her heads not as high up just like before and she always has trouble getting up,guess the whole cancer cells has invaded the whole of her organs and lynph noded. damn u cancer i really wished someone wud create an antidote to cure that deadly disease. never the less,what happened has already happen,its all in god's hand. the doctor even told us to be prepared. she will just go. :(

sighs i dont wana dwell so much bout that matter,life still must carry on.

things with me and the bf(fiance) was pretty much ok.arguments do happened but hey thats all part of a rship rite.. thanks for the ted baker and manhattan bag btw ya. totally appreciate it.

friends? we're still in contact.just tat one particular fren who i assume decided to ditch me aside after he found a new gf,anw im not gona go on and talk bout that fren. if he's happy then i shud be happy also for him.just slighty disappointed .

ok my few sentence turns out to more than that. i shall stop here cos my batt's running low,i shall blog again if i have the time.


Sunday, June 03, 2012
♥ 10:15 AM

1 week still of nt meeting and can still pretend notin is wrong.how nice.

Monday, May 28, 2012
♥ 8:10 PM

dear you,
if you are reading this,i just want to let you that the times we spent was a wonderful one, but one thing i cant tolerate is ur attitude towards me sometime is so cold so cold that i shed tears most of the time. u keep on saying u want to change and be a better person for me but apparently all those are just empty words that meant notin.u infact are doing things that make me leave u anytime now.

when i vent out this to my 3rd sis,even she was shocked that uve been treating me no good.and fyi,she told her bf zan,even zan was more suprised at ur attitude to me,u shudnt have done what you think its right,u keep on saying ur family is impt and come first,but how bout me?i took leave for you cause i want to spend time with you like how u also said the same thing to me that u wanted to spend time with me but in the endu back off and just leave me hanging so wht if u say sorry?do u even care bout my feelings?i also have family but i know how to priortise. u know that u can ask me along and spend time with ur family rather than just ignore me

today i wasted my time,i wasted my leave basically doing noting.and how wonderful it is.

Saturday, May 26, 2012
♥ 10:41 PM

hellllloooooo there suprised to see me blog today?
heh well i know that previous entry i did say that i will write again in a few weeks or months time but since im not that busy or i shud say that notin productive was done today.hehe

so i was home the whole day just me and lil bro(dad and 3rd sis was ard only till afternoon) so yeah guess we were bored so we took some webcam pics as u can see from below..

so besides camwhoring i watched tv yeah its been so long since i last sat down in front of the tv.. watched some shows..one of them was men in black 2 and anak ku sayang.both equally good.

and i finally cleaned my room,not that thoroughly just that it looks abit cleaner compared to other days where i must say that i dont even have time to sweep the floor..shhhh!!heeeh

besides that saturday at home was ok.relax and chill only..

okla..i ran out of ideas on what to blog so i might as well stop here.

adiosssss amigosssss:)

Sunday, May 20, 2012
♥ 9:30 AM

hi there blogspot.
i know ive repeat it before and i shall repeat it again,im sorry for not updating you due to the busy schedule and also the days where i got so tired from work and on top of tat i was feeling under the weather for a few days.

its sunday and im up too early to start the day. still feeling abit sleepy though so i took my macbook and yea here i am drafting what to type here.

so...lets start..firstly our rship of 3 years plus now..well its hard for me to say.maybe both of are too comfortable with each other that i fet that we kindda take each other for granted.we hardly spend time together going out to the movies or such compared to last time due to each other commitment to work and also family.i do understand but still...hmm i shall not elaborate more futher on this.

working wise..well i must say that things between me and all the incharge are on a smooth track.we joked at each other making fun of ourselves..there were still time where they were so strict that we got to put the jokes aside.furthermore i cant wait for bonus,lets see if im unhappy then i might leave after getting bonus of course.

family ..ya was mothers' day so i bought a watch for mother,quite costly i must say..so yay..pretty much contented with wat we have now.

ok.i shall stop now cos i wanna have breakfast.hungrryyy!! till then see u again the next few mnths to come or shud i say i will update again if i hav the time. byeee